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Features: One Bedroom Cottage | Two Bedroom Cottage | Tool Shed and Laundry | Custom-Designed Dock | 1.14 Acre Wooded Lot


Welcome to Dunmore Cove

An exceptional Vermont property at the end of a quiet cove on the eastern shore of beautiful Lake Dunmore

This exceptional property is at the end of a quiet cove on Lake Dunmore, and is located on Route 53 between Brandon and Middlebury, Vermont. It is situated right next to the Green Mountain National Forest, which offers opportunities for hiking, camping and enjoying many other recreational activities.


This parcel has two seasonal cottages on it. Both cottages are completely furnished, and have been renovated by The McKernon Group, a highly-respected design-build company in Brandon, Vermont. This property also has a new dock, which was custom-designed and built by the Dock Doctors in Ferrisburgh, Vermont. The plumbing in both cottages has been updated by Dundon Plumbing. The quality of the materials and workmanship will be evident from the photos that are posted on our website.

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One Bedroom Cottage at 3180 Lake Dunmore Road, Leicester, Vermont
Two Bedroom Cottage at 72 Holly Lane, Leicester, Vermont
Tool Shed and Laundry
Custom-Designed Dock
1.14 Acre Wooded Lot with plot plan


Info Packet (PDF format)
Plot Plan (PDF format)



Water Source:  A spring supplies water to all the cottages in the Cove.

Driveways:  Driveway surfaces on this parcel are asphalt with rip-rap stone placed along the side for rain water run-off.

Quiet neighborhood:  Holly Lane is a small street.  There are only three other homes on Holly Lane.  The cove is protected from the sometimes windy conditions on the main section of the Lake.


Rental Income:  Because this parcel has two cottages on it, there is the opportunity for rental income from one, or both, cottages.

Guests:  With two cottages, one could be used for the owners, and the other one could be made available for visitors.

Expansion:  We have an approved Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permit, (WW9-1281), from the State of Vermont.  It is recorded and on file in the Town of Leicester.  This would be suitable for a 4-bedroom house.  This pre-approved permit is another unique feature of this property.





1 Bedroom Exterior 2 Bedroom Exterior
Shed and Laundry Dock
Lake & Location